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ZYTO Electrodermal Screening

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Pacific Health Center features natural health screening and balancing with ZYTO testing.  The ZYTO program contains thousands of digital signatures representing a wide range of items including foods, nutrients, toxins body organs and systems, plus nutritional supplements and other natural remedies. This virtual scan thus simulates the body's reaction to these items, suggesting which are putting stress on the body and which remedies possess the greatest balancing potential. Rescans then predict the likely effect of the selected balancing remedies in correcting the earlier stress readings.   

ZYTO Health Screening uses an automated screening method that enables us to scan hundreds of different items in a few minutes.  You simply place your hand on a “Hand Cradle” with conducting pads for each of your fingers while Dr. Kline selects various lists of stressors or balancers to scan.  The instrument measures very low levels of electrical resistance on your skin, so you won’t really feel anything during the procedure.  The end result of the ZYTO virtual health screening technology is the determining of a specific diet and natural remedy program that brings your body back into balance.

ZYTO Health Screening is done through our “virtual clinic” program with the testing done remotely from your home.  Remote clients purchase the Hand Cradle to plug into their own computer and connect to our office through the internet making possible exactly the same screening as happens in our clinics. Thus, Pacific Health Center is . . . virtually everywhere!

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