“Sick & Tired” Webinar

Part 7 -- Is Our Health Balancing Program for You?

After looking at a radically different approach to dealing with health problems and a high-tech testing method you can do from your home PC computer, only onequestion remains:

Is this program right for you?

That depends upon your health problems and other specifics of your situation. And that’s why I offer a Free Telephone Consultation to go over your situation and your specific questions.  That’s the best way I know of to find out if this program is really for you. Plus, you’ll still be eligible for the webinar savings on the Pacific Health Balancing Program.

To schedule your Free Telephone Consultation, just phone us at 800-255-4246 or email to orders@pacifichealthcenter.com.  Find out if this program can help you!



May I give you one more encouragement to try our program? We offer a Results Guarantee:

If you follow your diet and supplementation program for 30-60 days and do not experience any improvement, I will give you a full refund of your Balancing Program fees paid.

I daresay you’ve never heard of a “results guarantee” with any health practitioner you’ve ever seen – not your medical doctor, your chiropractor, your dentist, or anyone else. We offer a results guarantee because after over 30 years of doing this, we know what to expect.  We know that upwards of 90% of our clients improve during that initial 30-60 days, so it’s only logical for us to offer a guarantee.

As you are looking at this different approach to dealing with your health problems, I want you to have the assurance of our results guarantee. When you go to other health practitioners, you take the risk. When you come to Pacific Health Center, we take the risk – and that’s how we think it should be.


1. Sign Up for the Health Balancing Program

  • Call to schedule your appointment
  • The remote testing Hand Cradle will be immediately shipped to you

2. Schedule a Free Telephone Consultation

Find out if this program can help you.  I look forward to talking with you soon.

 -- Monte Kline, Natural Healing & Weight Loss Consultant

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Next Steps

  • Begin your “Guaranteed Results” program
  • Schedule a Free Telephone Consultation
  • I’ll answer your questions and you can still take advantage of the Webinar Special

Email: drkline@pacifichealthcenter.com


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