“Sick & Tired” Webinar

Part 6 -- How Can I Get Better Health for Less Money?

Cost is everything when it comes to health care, but paying more doesn't necessarily give you better care. Almost without exception, natural healing is cheaper than conventional medicine. Our program at Pacific Health Center offers more services for less money than any program I know of. But before I go over the costs of our program, let’s first examine overall health care costs:

It’s staggering, to say the least.  But how do these numbers translate into results? In other words, how much “health” are we getting for our money? Take a look at lifespan versus the amount of money spent on “health” care:

Earlier in the webinar we talked about a very high cost of prescription drugs – the most common drugs costing over $2000 to take one pill per day for a year. We also discussed the skyrocketing cost of hospitalization where the average hospital stay costs around $10,000. So what does our program at Pacific Health Center cost?

We offer a comprehensive package of services for a one-year time period called the Pacific Health Balancing Program. This includes:

But our Webinar Special for the Health Balancing Plan offers you major savings for our one-year program of virtually unlimited services:

Is our Pacific Health Balancing Program for you? Our final section of the SICK & TIRED WEBINAR will answer that question for you next.     

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