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Part 5 -- What Could a Biofeedback Nutritional Assessment Reveal About Your Health?

Knowing the philosophy of natural healing will do you no good unless you actually implement a natural healing program. Let’s talk about a Biofeedback Nutritional Assessment that you can do, no matter where you live.

We can conduct essentially an “electronic interview with your body” though non-invasive biofeedback scans of “digital signatures” of different items – foods, environmental allergens, nutrients, toxins, etc. The instrumentation measures changes in galvanic skin response (GSR) to those digital signatures. Think of it this way:  Suppose, to test your reaction to apples, I have you take a bite of one. Various physiological reactions could be measured. But what if I just showed you a picture of an apple? Reactions would still occur in your body based on past experiences with eating apples.

Now what if we go one step further by scanning the apple into the computer program, creating essentially a “digital” apple and then electronically feeding that back to your body to see how it changes your electrical skin resistance. In other words, we create a computer simulation of the item we want to test to see how your body reacts to it. Since our instrumentation tests an item every half second, we can literally assess your body’s reaction to thousands of items in a short time.

This is an exciting technology, but it gets even better: This biofeedback assessment can be done from your home PC computer.  Instead of a physical appointment, you have a virtual appointment, through a device plugged into your computer that takes the readings, transmitting them to our office via the internet. The device is called a “Hand Cradle,” as shown below:

It receives the digital signature of the item being tested and transmits how much your skin resistance changes in response. We talk on the phone (with optional video connection) during the entire testing and you see the test results on your screen. It’s everything that you would get in our office without having to come to our office!

So, what does the assessment cover? We do two types of biofeedback scans – (1) Stress Scans, where we identify what items put stress on the body – food & environmental sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, toxins, etc., and (2) Balancing Scans, where we identify compatible remedies to correct the stressors – vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, amino acids and glandular supplements.

The assessment reveals the answers to the two questions outlined in our previous session:

  • What’s missing (that should be there)?
  • What’s present (that should not be there)?

Answer those two questions and you’re well on your way to transforming your health.

But, what does this assessment cost? I have good news on that front that we'll cover next in Part 6.

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