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Part 3 -- Does Your Approach to Health Work?

There are really just two possible approaches to solving your health problems:

  •          Suppress the symptom 
  •          Eliminate the cause

Most of conventional medicine revolves around symptom suppression – taking a drug or doing a procedure that removes the symptom, or at least the sensation of the symptom. The problem is that this leaves the underlying toxic cause in place where it will manifest again as a deeper, more significant health issue. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, MD of Germany defined this in his “Theory of Homotoxicology,” characterized by six phases the body goes through in its attempt to detoxifiy – excretion, reaction, deposition, impregnation, degeneration and neoplasm (cancer). When you suppress the symptom, the underlying toxic is still there and will just show up again, but at a deeper phase.

I like to explain this in a simpler way, though. Let’s say you’re a young mother with a baby with diarrhea. You go to the Pediatrician and get an anti-diarrhea drug. A few hours after giving your baby the drug the diarrhea is gone. You think you solved the problem, but you only suppressed the symptom with the drug, instead of allowing the excretion phase to do its job. The toxin is still there, but it will show up next time as a more serious issue.

Sure enough a few months later your baby has a skin rash. You go to the Dermatologist, who gives you a prescription for a corticosteroid ointment to apply. Again the skin rash goes away as you suppress the symptom, but the underlying toxic cause of this reaction phase is still there.

Some more time passes and then your baby has an ear infection. The ENT doctor prescribes an antibiotic which resolves the ear infection, again by suppressing the symptom in this the deposition phase of the toxin. And on it goes to more and more serious problems as symptom suppression continues. Eventually the baby’s body gets tired of dealing with all the toxins that it would like to eliminate (but conventional medicine keeps suppressing them), so it just rents a “toxin warehouse” to store the stuff out of the way.  We sometimes call that a tumor – Reckeweg’s sixth phase – and you know where things go from there.

The two approaches to health are best summarized with a diagram called “The Healing Curve:”

As we go through life, we’re on a growth curve – when our positive inputs exceed our negative inputs, the blue line goes up. But often we get to the point where our negatives are exceeding our positive inputs and the growth curve starts going down. Then, as you see the ground rapidly approaching, you become very “dis-eased” about the situation – disease – you have a health problem.

Then you must decide whether to (1) Suppress the symptoms, or (2) Eliminate the cause. Most people suppress the symptoms, as indicated by the red line. This is the “quick fix” approach – often a symptom-treating drug or surgery. Note that suppressing the symptom sends the graph line back up (you feel better), but because you haven’t dealt with the root cause, the “quick fix plateau” turns out to be very narrow and precarious with a steep drop off – the ultimate drop off of course being death.

The other approach is eliminating the cause.  Though this may be surprising, dealing with the cause of your health problem often makes you feel worse initially, as shown by the green line, causing you to descend into a “healing crisis.”  When you finally give your body “permission” to detoxify, it has a lot of catching up to do, so you often temporarily feel worse – lower energy, achy, etc. But as that detoxification catches up, the growth curve resumes. I renamed it a “life curve” because ultimately there are two ways (in everything) – a way of life and a way of death. As Moses said to the Children of Israel, “Choose life!” (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Another way of describing the “two ways” is this:

1. Conventional Medicine

  • Name It (diagnose)
  • Drug It (treat the symptom)

2. Natural Healing

  • Evaluate the “common denominators” – nutrient deficiency, food & environmental sensitivity, toxicity
  • Correct those “common denominators”


Let’s make it even simpler with asking yourself two questions:

1. What’s Missing (in my body that should be there)?

2. What’s Present (in my body that should not be there)?

“Missing” refers to nutrient deficiencies, while “Present” refers to allergens and toxins. To transform your health, get the bad stuff out and put the good stuff in. That's our "philosophy," but why is natural healing better?  We'll cover that next in Part 4.


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