“Sick & Tired” Webinar

Part 2 -- How Did You Get "Sick & Tired?"

So how did you get "sick and tired?" You can understand this by looking at three possible disease theories:

1. Germ Theory – We all learned the “germ theory” in school with its basic idea that different germs cause different diseases and taking a germ-killing drug cures the disease. This theory, of course, originated with Louis Pasteur in the 19th century. Though widely accepted today, Pasteur’s theory was hotly debated during his own lifetime, with his most eminent critic being the French physician and physiologist, Claude Bernard. Rather than believing Pasteur’s germ theory of disease, Bernard believed the root cause of disease was what he called “the terrain” – that is, the environment one provided in the body for the germs to grow or not grow it.

Knowing this debate Pasteur and Bernard had makes Louis Pasteur’s deathbed statement especially interesting:

The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.

Do you get that? Pasteur recanted his own theory before he died! He essentially said, “I was wrong; Bernard was right.  Germs are not the primary cause of disease.” There are a number of illustrations that explain what’s wrong with the germ theory of disease, but let me share just one.  Suppose it’s a 95 degree August day and we go to visit a local swamp – maybe something like the picture below:

As we both look at the swamp, we get into a discussion about how the swamp got there. I say:

Isn’t it amazing the way these bugs built this swamp!

Then you look at me in astonishment and say:

Are you crazy? The bugs didn’t make the swamp; the swamp made the bugs!

Well, we all know that bugs don’t build dams on streams and turn them into swamps. Rather it is the already existing stagnant water that just provides a suitable terrain (to use Claude Bernard’s terminology) for the bugs to propagate in.

But when you believe the germ theory, what are you believing, but that the bugs (germs) make the swamp-like stagnant disease condition in the body.   Whereas when your body is like a free-flowing stream, it doesn’t provide that “terrain” and you don’t become infected. Ultimately, germs are at best a secondary cause of disease after the right terrain is already existing.

2. Deficiency Theory – This is a very common view in natural healing circles, namely, that different nutrient deficiencies cause different health problems, and one cures the problem by taking the appropriate vitamin or mineral supplement.  There’s a lot of truth to this view, though I don’t think it gets to the root cause of most of our health problems.

However, there is no doubt that most people have nutrient deficiencies. The National Health & Nutrition examination survey 16,000 Americans to determine how many were receiving the daily requirement of 19 basic vitamins and minerals.  Here are the numbers (Journal of Nutrition, August 2011):

  •          25% -- deficient in vitamin C
  •          34% -- deficient in vitamin A
  •          38% -- deficient in calcium
  •          45% -- deficient in magnesium
  •          60% -- deficient in vitamin E
  •          70% -- deficient in vitamin D

There are a lot of nutrient deficiencies, but when you try to solve your health problems by popping a vitamin pill for this and that, you run into three problem questions:

1.      Which nutrients am I actually deficient in?

2.      Which supplement will be compatible with my body?

3.      How much of it do I need?

But, what if you had a method for answer those three questions? I have one, and I’ll explain it later in the webinar.

3. Toxicity Theory – I really believe that toxins – poisons – are the primary root cause of most of our health problems.  Here are some categories of common toxins (21st Century Medicine by Dr. Julian Kenyon):

  •          Industrial Chemicals
  •          Pesticides
  •          Food Additive
  •          Dead Bacteria or Viruses
  •          Prescription Drugs
  •          Hydrocarbon Chemicals
  •          Heavy Metals 

But how do we get so toxic?  There are basically two ways:

  1. Take foreign substances into your body from the outside through food, water, medications, dental materials, etc.
  2. Make toxins inside your body through poor digestion + poor elimination, resulting in putrefaction. 

The question then becomes, “What do we do about toxicity?” We’ll cover that next in Part Three.

We look at that in Part 3 of the SICK & TIRED WEBINAR

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