“Sick & Tired” Webinar

Are There Natural Solutions for Your Health Problems?

Is there a better way of solving health problems than just covering up your symptoms with drugs? Let me show you how in the seven-part SICK & TIRED WEBINAR (Read text and/or watch video):

1 -- Can You Help My Health Problem?

Are you "sick and tired" of being "sick and tired" with common health problems like . . .
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2 -- How Did I Get "Sick & Tired?"

So how did you get "sick and tired?" You can understand this by looking at three possible . . .
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3 -- What are the Two Approaches to Health?

There are really just two possible approaches to solving your health problems . . .
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4 -- Why is Natural Healing Better?    

The outcome of conventional medical treatment is often disappointing, if not dangerous. The Office of Technology Assessment of the U. S. Congress made the astounding admission that . . .
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5 -- What Could a Biofeedback Nutritional Assessment Reveal About My Health?    

Knowing the philosophy of natural healing will do you no good unless . . .
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6 -- How Can I Get Better Health for Less Money? 

Cost is everything when it comes to health care, but paying more doesn't necessarily give you . . .
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7 -- How Can the Health Balancing Program Work for Me?

After looking at a radically different approach to dealing with health problems and a high-tech testing method you can do from your home PC computer, only onequestion remains . . . 
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"I would have never believed in this type of technology helping with my health issues, but it’s been the least expensive and quickest way yet to get to the root of my health concerns when conventional medicine couldn’t help."  – D.H. (a Pacific Health Center client)

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