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Testimonials from our Clients*

 “I had serious nasal and sinus issues which almost strangled me until I went to Pacific Health Center for help . . . Since I have followed their recommendations, my problems have almost disappeared.”

Don - Green Valley, AZ

“My daughter suffered from hair loss, hives, night tremors, and screaming fits, all of which disappeared or improved when we followed the eating and nutritional plan . . . “

Kimberly - Renton, WA

“I feel I have been given a new life.  I now have lots of energy, sleep well, breathe well and continue to take the supplements recommended.”

Dianne - DuPont, WA

“My husband says I am a better mom and wife with all my energy I have now!”

Gretchen - Seattle, WA

“It’s so wonderful to receive your excellent products.”

Carol - Belize, Central America

“I’ve lost 40 pounds and feel well enough to maintain a healthy regular exercise regimen that before was impossible.”

Patricia - Spanaway, WA

"Symptoms I had are gone.  I have no complaints.  I work better.  Focus better.  Sleep better.  Have a normal life again."

David - Seattle, WA

* Experience and results on our program are unique to each individual. Your results may or may not be similar to that of the above testimonials.

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