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Natural healing can resolve many health problems by dealing with "common denominators" like nutrient deficiency, food & environmental sensitivities and toxins. Our Pacific Health Balancing ProgramTM can be your natural healing answer . . . and we offer a money-back guarantee!*

Monte Kline, Ph.D., Natural Healing & Weight Loss Consultant

Pacific Health Center offers proven, comprehensive program providing a natural healing approach using ZYTO Remote Electrodermal Screening for people suffering from common health problems like fatigue, depression, allergies, sinusitus, arthritis, PMS, menopausal problems, digestive issues and more. Our non-drug, natural healing approach focuses on root causes rather than using drugs to mask symptoms!

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Better Health Through a Natural Approach

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* If you follow you diet and supplement program for 30-60 days with no improvement, you can get a refund of any testing fees paid.

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